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Ellody Wu/Interdisciplinary Performance – “Uncapturable”

Interdisciplinary Performance – “Uncapturable”

About Album

*2017 SCV Journal Technology Award.

An interdisciplinary performance of improvisational dance and painting.
A painter tries to capture the gestures of a dancer, yet the dancer is not
satisfied with being just an object on the canvas.

Overall Visual Design, Live Performer
Choreographer : JingLing Lao ; Producer : Changting Lu
Supported by CalArts Interdisciplinary NewWork Grant

Scenic Painting Happens Live
As an applied artist, I introduce the concept of improvisation as well as interactivity in live performance into the usually static, ‘pre-made’ scenic art realm.


Every Performance Is Its Own Expression
With sound design, movement and painting all improvise in certain limitations, both the actual performance and the process of making it are spontaneous. Coming into the experience, you are welcome to the lab of exprementations and engage with the performer, painter, writer and designer on what’s going on in their own diverse mindsets in the meantime.

Category: Creative Design Strategy and Execution
Date: December 2017, February 2018

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