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Ellody Wu/Music Video – ” Go Deeper “

Music Video – ” Go Deeper “

About Album

A music video for the song ’go deeper’ by independent composer dr. Dre.
*2019 AVA Digital Awards , Experimental Animation Gold Winner

A visual Experimentation. Through the change of size, color and geometrical composition, the effect of motion is created, the 2D graphical elements started to morph into a  3D space.

The kaleidoscopic effect of the constant mutating circular shape at the middle takes the viewer on a visual journey going deeper and deeper through a mystical tunnel.

Software: Maya / Unity3D
Hand painted & digital texture

The visual is a combination of animated 3D objects – with their composition, color and size constantly changing on their own – and viewed by camera in Unity3D game engine.

The objects are subjected to the physics this allowed the manipulation of the movements to achieve the outcome seen by the carefully positioned camera. The goal is to control the 3D objects and it’s relationship with the camera in order to achieve the visual effects of –  through its constant change of size, color and geometrical composition, the mutating circular graphic centered at the middle of the frame, creates the effect of motion bring viewer progress though 3D space goes deeper and deeper with the course of the song.

The production of the visual started when the audio is in its 75% of completion. After the visual starts, it musician got inspired and make note of the tempo / composition to modify. So do the visual. Then audio and visual started to weave organically into each other to its accomplishment.

Category:  Visual Art, Experimental Visual Story telling, Motion
Date: November, 2018

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