Hi, this is Ellody
tell me what you think we can
bring to the World !

Ellody Wu

Ellody is an applied artist with a Master degree from California Institute of the Arts.

With performance art and multi-media background, Ellody is skilled in translating subject matter into concrete designs for a wide range of visual materials.

She believes that all creative media are related and is passionate about exhausting all the possibilities to find the better one to get the ideas across.

And she loves telling story, especially helping friends realize their stories and share them to the world.

Working as a hybrid-media artist, immersive environment creator and live performance specialist, she experiment and create solutions. Since her residency at CalArts, she’s been focusing on the inter-connected web between human factor, technological equipments for full body sensorial perception along with interactive design in theatrical application and in the construction of real-life experience.

She is the first artist being granted a residency at National Taiwan Science Education Center with her production <the Blacabin>. Her recent works <Body Pinball>, <Me, myself and my robot>, <interactive landscape> were selected as showcase collections in 2017 CalArts Digital Art Expo. Lately she’d been working with Walt Disney Imagineering.

Got ideas?

Let’s make it.

It’s 2019, there’s so many ways we can make things and there are too many stories to tell. When a new idea comes to me. I think, I study about it, then it’s time to try. will try. Usually, at somewhere aroud the edge right when we are going to decide it’s impossible, we will realize that we just made it.

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